Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne win National 112 meeting at Notts County 26/4/06

At last Saturday’s National 12 open meeting at Notts County, three blue boats were neck and neck at the windward mark in the first race. Nigel May and Nicola Ogden were on the inside, Sam and Fiona Mettam were in the middle but Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne managed to roll over the top of the other two to take the lead. Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart flew down the first reach into second and pressurised Graham and Zoe round the next three laps but Graham and Zoe held first through to the finish.

The wind was shifting through 90 degrees in race two so all bets were off as to who would get to the windward mark first. In the end it was Graham and Zoe who rounded first with Jon and Charlotte hot on their heels once again. A gust accelerated Graham and Zoe into an un-catchable lead. Jon and Charlotte had a close battle with Philip and Helen David but managed to hold second to the finish.
In the final race it was Philip and Helen’s turn to take the lead with Jon and Charlotte in pursuit. Philip and Helen held the lead until the penultimate beat when Jon and Charlotte got through to win the race and claim second place overall.

Overall Results
1st Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne N3492 Babel Fish
2nd Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart N3494 Monkey Business
3rd Philip and Helen David N3217 Blue Monday
4th Sam Mettam and Fiona Mettam N3429 Fools Gol