An nteresting if blustery day was enjoyed by 10 sailors on 4 April at the National 12 open meeting at Avon SC

An nteresting if blustery day was enjoyed by 10 sailors on 4 April at the National 12 open meeting at Avon SC. With everything from N673, with its original Terylene sails to the double-bottomed Feeling Foolish, the development of the class was there for a large bunch of onlookers.

The first event of the Witchcraft Bailer Series for Vintage boats, saw five visitors from four different Clubs start the series in sunshine and a gusty Force 4. All sailors completed the first race without incident, which was won by Paul Turner, crewed by Kay Ash, with Brian and George Kitching second.

Very squally conditions for the second race saw the fleet somewhat flattened, sadly with some breakages, and unfortunately none of the boats completed the race. Seeing the conditions for the third race were no better, the fleet wisely decided, that this was a race best observed from the bank, if these beautiful, if elderly boats were to remain in tact. This meant that Paul won the event, exactly 30 years after winning the Open Meeting here in 1974.

In the more modern fleet, Chris Bishop, crewed by Pip Jefferies showed excellent boat handling skills, to win first race followed by Fi and Alastair Lucas of the home club. As the wind strengthened, a costly capsize in the second race resulted in a win for Simon Hinks, crewed by Luke McHale, who continued despite a loosened tooth received from a bang in the first race.

Two spectacular pitchpoles by Fi Lucas and Nathan Harding, in the third race, resulted in a one, two for Chris and Simon, for Chris to win the meeting overall. A thoroughly enjoyable, if eventful day was had by all, Overall Results

Vintage Fleet

1. Paul Turner, Kay Ash Trent Valley

2. Brian and George Kitching Frampton

3. Ken Goddard, Ann Britton Trent Valley

4. Richard and Matthew white Clevedon

5. Chris Barlow, Steve Winter Shearwater

Main Fleet

1. Chris Bishop, Pip Jefferies BCYC

2. Simon Hinks, Luke McHale Saltash

3. Fi and Alastair Lucas Avon

4. Nathan Harding, Lydia Wood Saltash

5. Tom Jefferies, Jinni King Saltash