The National 12 Midwinter Championship and annual dinner took place at Royal Harwich YC at the weekend 20/2/07

A total of 14 teams turned up for the National 12 Midwinter Championship at Royal Harwich on Sunday. This number was down somewhat on the 85 for the dinner the previous night, so many of whom inexplicably did not show up in time to sail the following morning.

Richard Williams and Stella Brown won the first race from Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart with the whole fleet finishing within seconds of each other.

In the second race, Tom Stewart and Liz Ross and Williams and Brown broke clear up the first beat only to sit in a hole on the first reach. Stewart and Ross escaped but Williams and Brown got swallowed by the chasing pack. Stewart and Ross won with Jon Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart pulling through to second place.

Stewart and Ross wrapped up the series with a win in race three. Alan Krailing and Helen Hunt led after the first mark but fell into a hole, which they tried to gybe out of only to have the wind fill in just where they had been.

Ibbotson and Stewart came through to win the fourth race and secure second place. Fran Gifford and Sophie Mackley sailed to finish third overall.

Overall Results
1st Tom Stewart and Liz Ross N3501
2nd John Ibbotson and Charlotte Stewart N3494
3rd Frances Gifford and Sophie Mackley N3431