Alessandra Sensini from Italy leads the Mistral world championship

Due to the windy conditions on day two of the Mistral world championships, the women’s fleet were sent out on their lay day yesterday in order to make up for missed races.

After a short postponement waiting for the wind to fill in, the 59 competitors in the women’s fleet were sent out and eventually managed to complete one more race.

The 1996 Olympic gold medallist Lai Shan Lee of Hong Kong won the only race of the day from Faustine Merret of France. Despite this win there was no change in the top three, as a third place for Alessandra Sensini of Italy still places her first overall by seven points. Barbara Kendall of New Zealand is third.

Team GBR sailor Natasha Sturges scored a 15th place and is lying 10th overall.

Day four of the competition will see both the men’s and women’s fleets competing with the event concluding on the 17 April. A total of 12 races are scheduled.

Results (day 3)


1, Alessandra Sensini, ITA (1,1,(8),1,3) 6 pts

2, Lai Shan Lee, HKG (7,2,3,(DSQ),1) 13 pts

3, Barbara Kendall, NZL (4,8,2,7,(15)) 21 pts


10, Natasha Sturges (2,10,16,(22),16) 44 pts

20, Bryony Shaw ((30),29,17,13,12) 71 pts


1, Nicolas Huguet, FRA (1,1,2,1,3,(BFD)) 8 pts

2, Julien Bontemps, FRA (4,1,6,(14),1,2) 14 pts

3, Przemek Miarczynski, POL (3,2,(18),12,4,1) 22 pts


4, Nick Dempsey (7,4,5,4,2,(8)) 24 pts (inc. 2 penalty points for not signing off)

64, Adam Pepelasis ((43),34,35,25,25,26) 145 pts

79, Leo McCallin ((39),31,31,(OCS),18,BFD) 170 pts