Members of the media will join Volvo Ocean racing crews onboard for the first time

Training began again yesterday in Alicante for the Media Crew Members – the reporters, who for the first time in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race, will sail onboard each boat in the fleet.

To keep both the public and the media engaged in the race once it’s out of sight, each team has to have a specialist person onboard responsible for capturing all the action. Known as the Media Crew Member (MCM) this role is perhaps one of the most difficult.

Using the HD video cameras, both fixed and handheld, the MCM will record the ups and downs of life onboard. They must then edit the material and transmit it to Volvo Ocean Race Head Quarters. In addition, they will:

Take high quality stills photographs
Record audio interviews
File written stories and crew blogs
Collate all video footage and stills captured during the leg

What can they do?
Carry out all media duties
Carry out all environmental duties
Cook (meals, drinks and refreshments)
Empty the bilges
Placement of body weight where required.

What can’t they do?
They are NOT permitted to help in the sailing of the boat in any way.