Charlie Brown, skipper and co-owner of Maximus sent this report during the closing stages of the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge yesterday evening

Reaching with full main, jib top and staysail we are averaging 19 knots and bursting occasionally to 26. True wind direction just aft of the beam. (No wind gear at top of the mast!) Mari-Cha is now about 27 miles directly in front on our line.

Over the last 16 hours we have taken about 14 miles out of them. Very pleased about that as these are truly the best conditions for waterline length. MC4 is a third longer than Maximus with twice our sail area!

We have now literally lashed the head of the main to the top of the mast so no chance to reef again. The weather prognosis sees the wind dropping as we get closer to Land’s End so no real worry there. We expect an ETA art the Lizard now at 1am UTC and predict 15 knots downwind sailing up the English Channel. This could make for an exciting finish between us and MC4 and may even provide some passing lanes. Incoming tide for half the way and out going the second half so I expect a 0100-0200 finish.

The boys will be starving and very thirsty! We are at the end of the bottled water and it’s hard to make much due to our boat speed. Still got enough freeze dried but I have literally had a guts full of that stuff but then I probably complain the loudest.

The team have been just incredible; no arguments, all happy and working like Trojans. Constant trimming of main and jib-top.

That’s it for now… keep your fingers crossed.

Charlie Brown – Skipper Maximus