Alinghi and BMW Oracle Racing are meeting in Geneva today to break deadlock 26/3/08

Today Swiss-based Alinghi are meeting with BMW Oracle Racing in Geneva to resolve any outstanding issues regarding the 33rd Americas Cup. The meeting will be between Alinghi’s chief legal adviser, Lucien Masmejan, Vice Commodore Fred Meyer of the Société Nautique de Genève’s (SNG), and Russell Coutts and Tom Ehman from BMW Oracle.

Fred Meyer commented: “We at the SNG are very much looking forward to this meeting to break the deadlock and to help guarantee a successful event and produce a competitive regatta. The most crucial point for our discussion is the date. When we have a realistic date we can start proceedings to secure a location and set the stage for the regatta.

“As we have made clear we are not in a position to race this year because we always understood that tolling would take place during the legal proceedings. Furthermore we have not started construction of our boat and will not be ready to compete this year.”