After two weekends of gales, Lymington Town SC’s Solent Dinghy Circuit kicked off last weekend

It was with relief that 20 dinghies set out in calm weather on Sunday 3 November for the fourth race of the Solent Dinghy Circuit, the previous two having been called off because of gales. Even so the weather forecast was threatening Force 5-6 and gusts to 40 kts.

The fast handicap fleet got away under a strengthening breeze and three laps were completed before the weather closed in. As the wind increased Toby Collyer and Simon Rosier built up a commanding lead, especially when the following boats beating into a stiff wind were passed close to windward by the ferry. The sudden lee and sharp backwind sent first Geoff and George Havers sprawling and then Jon Heissig. Heissig was quick to recover but the Havers lost sufficient to prompt retirement.

On the last lap of five the wind piped up further, causing both Collyer’s International 14 and Mike Beggs’ Vortex to take duckings, but Collyer recovered without losing a place, while Beggs lost to Heissig by 10 seconds on handicap. Richard Russell and Tig Williams in their 470 sailed through everything the wind or ferry could throw at them and remaining upright came in second.

In the medium Handicap fleet locals Tim and Miume Knight led all the visitors to the wrong leeward mark and as they disappeared to sail a voluntary longer course Tony Smee and Arthur Gormley sailed the correct course, giving them second place to the recovering Knights.


Fast Handicap

1st Victoria Int 14 1370 T.Collyer & S.Rosier

2nd Wave Rider IV 470 721 R.Russell & S.Williams

3rd RS 600 954 Jon Heissig

4th Ever Decreasing Circles Vortex 1021 M.Beggs

5th RS 700 767 Keith Willis

Medium Handicap

1st Snowy the Rabbit Tasar 363 T & M Knight

2nd Wombles W 2792 T.Smee & A.Gormley

3rd Watery Moment W 9068 C & T May

4th Devon Pickle W 6288 B.Gridley

5th Figure of Eight W 8181 D.Moss