There are still 24 boats to finish Leg 2 of the Transat AG2R (Madeira – St Barths).

There are still 24 boats to finish Leg 2 of the Transat AG2R (Madeira – St Barths).

In the last 24hrs the rest of the top ten boats have been streaming over the finish line with some boats just one mile apart after 2,620 days at sea.

Groupe Generali (Yann Eliès/Ronan Guérin) and Jacques Vabre (Damian Foxall and Proffit) finished one mile apart with Générali Assurances finishing in seventh place at 09 hr 16mins 58secs (French time) in 10 knots of wind. Just under 40mins later, in a dying breeze of around five knots, Jacques Vabre crept across the finish line in eighth place overall.

Foxall and Proffit, took 28 days 8 hrs and 53mins at an average speed of 5.52 knots. They arrived 23hrs 02mins after the leading boat.

Chris Sayer, ex-mini skipper from New Zealand, is due to finish next in 13th place, trailing behind Poupon and Arthaud.

AG2R Finish so far (May 17):

Skippers / Boat / Time of arrival (FR time)

1st K.Fauconnier/L.Lemonchois Sergio Tacchini-Itineris 10h50’38’

2nd G.Morvan/ Broc Cercle Vert 14h56’30”

3rd J.Beyou/P.Bidegorry Volkswagen Castrol 16h35’23”

4th T.Lesselin/C.Caudrelier BCG-X-HEC 23h57’23”

18 MAY

5th G. Chiorri/D. Vittet Flexipan 0h32’52”

6th R. Cointo/C. Le Bas Lissac Opticien 3 h 23’43”

7th Y. Eliès/R. Guérin Groupe Générali Assurances 9 h 16′ 58”

8th F.Proffit/D.Foxall Jacques Vabre 9 h 53′ 24”

9th L. Poupon/Y. Pajot Fleury Michon 14h 50′ 39″

10th E. Drouglazet/S. Josse Créaline & Carven, David Olivier 15h32’17”

Top international rankings at 13.43HRS (FRENCH TIME)

13th Y.Lemonnier/C.Sayer (NZ) Mc Donalds La Rochelle 17° 57′ N 62° 11 W 38 miles to go

18th M.Bothuon/Y.Jameson (SCO) Ciments Calcia 18° 17′ N 61° 10′ W 99 miles to go

25th M.Harmala/R.Ledee (FIN) AGF st Barth Assurances 19° 59′ N 56° 55′ W 359 miles to go