It was a day for the light air specialists for the first two races of the RS200/300/600 national championships at Mounts Bay SC on 30 July

Soon after RS was launched the class association booked Mounts Bay SC for its national championship. Such is the popularity of this great venue, the RS sailors have had to wait about five years for the regatta which began yesterday (30 July). There are now six classes to accomodate at this regatta, the total entry looks set to exceed 350 boats and the racing will span virtually two whole weeks. That is a big challenge for any club and any association, but everything has run like clockwork so far.

Everything that is, except for the wind. It was a day for the light wind specialists and despite a patchy and shifting breeze, the acknowledged experts in the conditions made their mark. Many of the other top sailors earned one good result, but already carry another that they will hope to discard – a risky situation with the outlook for the next day or two.


After a delay waiting for the wind to settle the scheduled gate start proved impossible in the conditions, so after several attempts the race officer signalled a switch to a line. Surprisingly this worked first time for the opening race, but there was a delay prior to attempting to start the second while the course was re-laid, followed by a number of recalls. The net result was over eight hours on the water and some very tired looking sailors in the bar ! Geoff Carveth and Lesley Bennett scored a second and a first in the 85-strong fleet where two good results were very few and far between. They lead by five points from Dave and Nicky Derby who won the opening race and followed up with a seventh, despite a downwind crunch that left their bowsprit very bent. Steve and Katie Restall will be very happy with their well deserved sixth and fourth to slot them into third overall at this stage.


Phil Davies from Felpham has not been a regular on the 300 circuit, but this clearly was no handicap to him on the first day. With two firsts to start his championship series, he has a four-point lead over Will Gulliver who was second and fourth. Gulliver generally excels in a breeze, so he will be hoping that Davies will be unable to match his consistency if the breeze increases later this week. Matt Sargent is only one point behind Gulliver, with a fifth and a second for his day’s work.


Christian Reynolds has also made a great start to his championship series in the fleet of 62 boats. He will also be delighted with a first and a second and massive nine points ahead of second placed Ian Marshall who scored third and ninth. This gives a good picture of just how difficult it was to pick the right route in this class. Jason Belben, current 800 champion (for another week at least) opened with a 10th and 3rd which he will try to build on. Class Chairman Tony Freer lies fourth one point behind Belben.

Results (after 2 races)


1st 500 Geoff Carveth and Lesley Bennett

2nd 700 Dave and Nicky Derby

3rd 579 Steve and Katie Restall

4th 557 Craig Burlton and Emma Carveth

5th 469 Sam Mettam and Goeff Philips

6th 503 Angus Hemmings and Claire Nuttall

7th 491 Harvery Hilary and Pipa Williams

8th 626 Paul and Caroline Fisk

9th 655 Tom and Jo Hewitson

10th 520 Mark and Sam Littlejohn


1st 329 Phil Davies

2nd 475 Will Gulliver

3rd 443 Matt Sargent

4th 436 Andrew Beynon

5th 455 Richard Cumming

6th 332 Matt Critchley

7th 374 Steve Cook

8th 400 Ben Ward

9th 380 Nick Bolland

10th 372 Ben Evans


1st 953 Christain Reynolds

2nd 654 Ian Marshall

3rd 342 Jason Belben

4th 938 Tony Freer

5th 610 Mark Sempers

6th 911 Ian Montague

7th 861 Andy Irons

8th 835 Tony Phillips

9th 876 Anthony York

10th 734 Brian Greensmith