A good fleet of 49ers and 29ers turned out at the weekend for the fourth national ranking meeting

The fourth 49er national ranking meeting of the year at Lee-on-Solent SC last weekend saw a healthy turnout of over 20 boats taking part. And, in spite of current exams there was a good turnout of 29ers as well. Excellent courses and conditions made Saturday a great day’s racing. However, although four races were held the 29ers managed to loose a race by the whole fleet sailing the wrong way. Even the 49ers fleet didn’t read the sailing instructions, with the leaders in the first race deciding they would try and end the race a lap early!

In the 49er fleet five races were eventually held – only one on Sunday when the wind died. Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes managed to dominate the fleet with three 1sts and two 2nds. Brian Wilson and Tim Paull were constant to take 2nd place, 3rd and 4th place were taken by Greg Barker / Diederik Bulters and Ben McGrane / Jonathan Clegg respectively who each won the races that Morrison / Rhodes didn’t.

The 29ers lost their first race on Saturday and didn’t manage a race on Sunday morning. With only three races it was all to count and with the black flag flying it put pay to a few teams positions. Ant Chapman / Tom Dawson kept their nose clean and their head out the boat to gain two 1sts and a 4th. Current Youth champions David Evans and Rick Peacock were consistent with a 2.3.2 along with Bernard and Andrew Gammons 5,2,3.

Overall Results


1st Steve Morrison and Ben Rhodes

2nd Brian Wilson and Tim Paull

3rd Greg Barker and Diederik Bulters

4th Ben McGrane and Jonathan Clegg

5th Paul Towers and Ben Remoker

6th Dave Hall and Gareth Edwards


1st Ant Chapman and Tom Dawson

2nd David Evans and Rick Peacock

3rd Bernard Gammon and Andrew Gammon

4th Tom Smedley and Steven Wilson

5th Tristan Jaques and Alain Sign

6th Josh Metcalfe and Ian Haywood