Keeping feet warm in extreme conditions is no small matter

Crews were strutting their stuff round the harbour today showing off their new sailing boots, which Le Chameau have supplied to all the BT Global Challenge crews. Richard King, who is a crewmember aboard BP Explorer explained why, from the many brands tested, they opted for Le Chameau.

“We evaluated lots of different boots on the market but in the end we chose to purchase the Le Chameaus Neptune leather-lined boots. We particularly liked the design, which incorporates a waterproof gaiter which can be pulled over the lower leg of foulweather trousers and the leather-lined option which not only fits the foot incredibly well, but is also very comfortable.”

The Chameaus are made of rubber with a non-slip, non-marking sole. They have a raised wedged heel and the waterproof outer gaiter is bonded onto the boot. While the leather lining is undoubtedly comfortable and hard wearing, it will be interesting to see how quick they dry when they inevitably get wet! “We know it is impossible to get total protection from the sort of conditions we’ll be putting ourselves through but we believe the Chameaus are the best we can get,” adds King.