Cowes Combined Clubs re-instate Class Zero for Skandia Life Cowes Week - August 3-10 2002

Some last minute changes have been made to the classes at Cowes Week this year. These are as follows:

The Melges 24 Class is holding its European Championships in Germany shortly before Skandia Life Cowes Week and it has become apparent that fewer Melges 24s are likely to race at Cowes at this year1s Regatta.

Following poor entries in this class over the last couple of years, it has been decided to put the Melges 24s into the Sportsboat Handicap Class. Separate results for the class will also be given, in addition to their SBR handicap results.

As a result of this decision, made by Cowes Combined Clubs (CCC) within the past few days, there is effectively one additional start slot within the White Group. It has therefore been decided to move the Sportsboat Class from Black to White Group. This will mean that these fast boats that are mainly dayboats in character, will start on the inner line. As Stuart Quarrie, Director of CCC, explains, “This makes it easier to give them courses that are most suitable to their type and allows them to get courses from the RYS course boards, rather than over VHF radio.”

When the Notice of Regatta was printed, it seemed that this year1s Event might not see many big boats. For this reason IRC Class Zero had been effectively amalgamated with Class One.

However, it now seems likely that there could be up to 14 boats of 50ft and up in 2002 and, following representation for some big boat owners, CCC has re-instated Class Zero. This will have a bottom rating of 1.221. Other published rating bands will stay as they are. The member clubs of CCC are currently considering how to redistribute their daily trophies in light of CCC1s decision.