A total of 50 Laser SB3s took part in last weekend's Eurocup Grand Prix event at Sea View 16/5/06

A total of 50 Laser SB3s took up moorings off Sea View YC clubhouse along with a multitude of ribs overnight whilst teams prepared in customary SB3 fashion for last weekend’s Eurocup Grand Prix.
Race 1 got away with a surprising lack of interest in the start line, with most of the fleet caught on the cautious side as the pressure faded and headed immediately prior to the gun. Russell Peters made his intentions known to all quickly getting to the head of the fleet, passing Jerry Hill and Tommo in the process, with The Zeal Optics lads (Craig Burlton / Dave Cheyne) also overtaking the Touareg (Hill) on the way to 2nd place.

Race 2 – Talk about red rag to a bull! Following a general recall the black flag came out, but to no avail. Most of the fleet was half way to the weather mark before realising the committee had abandoned the race citing that only three boats could be clearly identified as behind the line! Not so sure about that one! As it turned out shortly after the abandonment a 40-degree shift came through and the race would have become a soldiers course anyway.

All involved were quite glad it was mild and sunny as we waited a good hour plus before another attempt at race 2 was made. Russell Peters again got off to a solid start and needed to overtake Brother Timmy to complete a brace of victories. Sure enough, job done; two wins from two attempts! Tim Peters held on for 2nd with The Touareg 3rd again.

Race 3 – Not wanting to sound boring but Russell Peters did it again with Carveth steaming through the pack to take 2nd.
Time for a break, after eight hours on the water for three races all and sundry retired to SVYC for the evening.

Race 4 – After a period where it looked like no racing would proceed, a south-easterly filled into Sea View of just about 7 knots, enough for a couple of races and give the fleet a chance to knock off Peters. Never mind, he took care of that himself, a victim of the Black Flag. Colin Simonds showed the way around his home track. Zeal Optics got back onto the podium with a 2nd while the Aussie ship managed a 3rd.

Race 5 – After a short spell of 10 knots between races the final heat got away in slightly softer air than the previous race with those who got right early on the first beat dominating. Raymond Simonds led around much of the course but had spinnaker dramas at the final mark, dropping to 2nd and allowing Carveth to complete a fine series with a win. Simonds finished 3rd to seal a podium place for the series with a solid final day but nobody could dislodge Peters from the head of the score sheet, although he only just piped Carveth and co in the end.