Sun greeted the Larks at West Kirby on 4-5 September for their annual class open meeting

Sun greeted the Larks at West Kirby on 4-5 September, but the wind teased the fleet as the sea breeze struggled to make its impact.

Race one got away out on the estuary with Mark Ampleford/Lee Nankervis judging the tide perfectly to lay the windward mark. Although Emma Harris and Becky Priest tried hard to pass them, it proved impossible and Ampleford/Nankervis took the race.

Race two started in a light and fickle wind, the first leg quickly turning into a fetch. Harris/Priest rounded in the lead and gybed to the wing mark. As the wind filled in from ahead Harris/Priest kept the lead, but the rest of the fleet turned inside out. Chris/Ann Biglin who took the advantage to finish in second with Stuart Morris in third.

The third race saw a chop developing across the course and an occasional Force 3. Harris/Priest again rounded first, eventually winning by several minutes from Smashie Bennett/Tim and Tim Lawrence/Christine Elles-Toner.

Sunday morning dawned grey and breathless. After a postponement race four started as a zephyr of breeze filled in. The eventual 1-2-3 was the same in both races four and five, with locals Mike Hartley/Will Shepherd showing the fleet how to do it in no wind, Harris/Priest in second and Ampleford/Nankervis in third.

Overall Results

1st Emma Harris and Becky Priest 6pts

2nd Mark Ampleford and Lee Nankervis 11pts

3rd Tim Lawrence and Christine Elles-Toner 14pts

4th Mike Hartley and Will Shepherd 16pts

5th Richard Bennett and Tim/Jenny 17pts