Nick Bubb tells he will back on the Round Britain and Ireland racecourse soon 21/6/6

Despite rumours of her retirement Kenmore sailed by Nick Bubb and Pete Cumming is to continue racing in the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race.

The 30ft trimaran that lost its rig while lying in second place on the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race on Monday will be back racing once the rig is repaired see news story here .

Chatting this morning Nick Bubb told that there is no way he is retiring. “The only problem we have, of course, is lack of time. We have a six-day time limit before we need to be back on the racecourse again. And yes, it’s going to be tight but we are adamant we make it.”

According to Bubb, Kenmore the sponsors, have agreed to meet some of the cost of repair. This means that although the logistical situation is complex, it is possible. Fortunately the sails, which are currently still jammed in the sailtrack have escaped major damage and the rigging needs a total overhaul.

Bubb continued: “We’re currently assessing whether our local B&B will be able to lend us their garage to carry out the repair to our mast!”

Bubb says that they plan to strip the rig and begin the tight repair schedule today, concluding: “The 40kt plus winds are really hampering us at the moment and we’ve spent two days trying to find a gap in the wind to enable us to remove the rig from the boat. Kenmore is only a few metres from the shore so when the wind abates later today we plan to strip the rig, lower it in the water and swim it ashore.”

All being well Team Kenmore will be back racing again by Tuesday.