Ericsson sign Briton Salter as navigator to its internationally crewed Volvo Race entry 31/10/07

With Salter now signed, the leading positions onboard Ericsson’s international crew are in place. The skipper, Torben Grael (Brazil), was appointed last week, and the two watch captains Stu Bannatyne and Brad Jackson, both from New Zealand, have been with the team since the start of the campaign.

Salter commented: “Ericsson has a great team. They are well organised, and we now have a year to bring the team together. I have not sailed with these guys before, but I’m really looking forward to it. Torben is one of the greatest sailors in the world, and his performance was impressive in the last Volvo Ocean Race. I would much rather sail with him than against him.”

Torben Grael is also happy to have Jules in his crew: “Right now, Jules and I are getting to know each other. We share the same house here in Lanzarote where we have our training base. I know Jules did a good job in the last race, and I’m impressed by his track record.”

Jules was the navigator of GBR Challenge in the America’s Cup 2003 and also took a key role in their weather programme. He has excellent technical knowledge of yachting, including race meteorology, instrument systems and racing software. In the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-06 he navigated second-placed Pirates of the Caribbean, skippered by Paul Cayard.

“I have a practical sailor’s approach to the meteorological and strategic problems posed by the race with the new course, and also to the day to day issues of keeping the yacht’s electronic and communication systems running,” he said.

“I am attracted to the excitement of the Volvo Ocean Race. The America’s Cup is more like going to the ordinary office every day. The Volvo Ocean Race is something totally different, when you are racing at 30 knots in total darkness. It’s both scary and fascinating.”