Top results for IMS500 X Sport-Subaru and the IMS600 Italtel puts Italy ahead of game after the second day's racing at the Copa del Rey

The Italian Grand Soleil 56 X Sport-Subaru took two wins in the IMS500 class on the second day of the Copa del Rey in Palma di Mallorca.

Despite being over the line at the start of the first race, X Sport-Subaru, sailed by Gabriele Benussi, took advantage of a windshift and sailed an impressive race to take her first win of the day. The Grand Soleil 42 Balearia finished second and the King of Spain’s Bribon took third.

After her OCS in the first race, Team Subaru made sure they were on the right side of the line in the second race and, after leading throughout, went on the score her second win of the day, beating Caixa Galicia by one hour, 24 minutes.

After three races X Sport-Subaru leads the event by five points, two points ahead of Caixa. Bribon is lying in third place with a total points score of 15.

In IMS600, the second consecutive victory in the first race, and a second place in the second race of the day puts Italtel, the Italian Grand Soleil 42 sailed by Vasco Vascotto at the top of the score board after three races.

For the team trophy, X Sport-Subaru and Italtel are now the leaders.