Alex Thomson moves from helming Hugo Boss to being pulled along behind it

Round-the-world yachtsman Alex Thomson has been making the most of Hugo Boss being back in the water, but not by being in the cockpit.

Alex, always one for a challenge, was thrilled to try out ‘foiling’ on the new Carafino ‘Hydrofoil’ board – one of the most innovative designs available.

“The conditions were perfect with good breeze and sunshine adding to the feel good factor on the day,” explained Alex. “I haven’t been ‘foiling’ before but I loved it. It’s pretty extreme – at a certain speed the hull is lifted above the water and the craft skims along on the hydrofoils at great speeds. It’s like snowboarding, just on water.”

Richard Thompson, from Carafino UK, was on board Hugo Boss: “What a guy! He has this tremendous confidence with the water you don’t see very often and was straight up and gone first time. His level of fitness is staggering and served him well on the Hydrofoil.”

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