After the big breeze on Sunday Fireball world championship competitors have spent the last two days waiting for the wind

After the excitement of a stiff Force 5 on Sunday, competitors at the Holt Fireball World Championship in Teignmouth were back waiting for sea breezes to fill in on Monday morning. It was not until early afternoon that there was enough wind to allow race officer Mike Pearson to set a fair course.

With the Fireball fleet now getting to grips with the idea of line starts with 176 boats on the line once again they managed to get off first time.

The four boats of Tim Rush and Fred Sotteau, DJ Edwards and Dan Newman, Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend and the South African pairing of Justin Clark and David Aymes made the best starts and led most of the way up the first beat. Clark and Aymes were eventually forced to tack off to the right as they got squeezed by the other boats.

At the Windward mark the Czeck boat of Tomas Musil and Jan Stantejsky tried to sneak in from the port lay line but ended up having to duck the leading group of boats.

Having been forced right it was Clark and Aymes who were on the inside of the lift and led around the windward mark. Positions remained the same down both reaches. However, on the second beat Clark and Aymes were forced to do a 720 penalty turn for illegal body movements. With Edwards and Howarth keeping close cover on each other Tim Rush and Aymes were left free to head across to the right and take the lead.

On the final beat Edwards and Howarth were still keeping close cover on each other this time allowing Guy Tipton and Chriss Tattersall to sneak into second place. On the finish line Edwards and Newman tried to sneak through on port just in front of Howarth and Townend, but he did not quite make it allowing Howarth and Townend to take third while Edwards and Newman did a 720.

Lack of sea breeze today has forced the race committee to abandon racing for the day.