Mark Heeley and his crew on 'GBR 25' have won the fourth round of the Barlo Plastics Farr 40 European Series

Wrapping up the fourth round of the Barlo Plastics Farr 40 European Series on Sunday afternoon (10 June) in dominate style, Mark Heeley and his crew on ‘GBR 25’ now have a two and half month break to recharge their campaign before they see if the form that has won them the Barlo Plastics European series can also secure them the Farr 40 world championship this September.

Over three days of racing on the world championship race area on the Eastern Solent, run by the Royal Southern Yacht Club and the Royal Yachting Association, Heeley and his crew posted 2,1,2,1,2,1,1 to win the regatta (and Barlo Plastics European series) from Tony Buckingham’s ‘A Bit of a Coup’. ‘Vitric 5’, owned by Tony De Mulder, sailed to third and third overall.

Between now and September, each crew will be looking to refine their sail development programmes, crew weight and other technical elements that could win them a place on the rostrum against the highly competitive American and European entries expected to contest the world championship.

“The standard of Farr 40 sailing in the UK is much better now than three months ago but at the world championship, which is still over two months away, we will be sailing against crews that have been sailing Farr 40s for a generation longer than us. The challenge will be for everyone to really build their programmes and apply themselves to keep raising the standard otherwise an average result will be a real possibility,” said Heeley.


Round 4 (after 3 days)

1st GBR 25 (M Heeley) 53pts

2nd A bit of a Coup (T Buckingham) 35pts

3rd Vitric 5 (T De Mulder) 35pts


1st GBR 25

2nd A bit of a Coup

3rd Vitric 5