World record holder Joyon is to inaugurate a new 'record' course between France and Mauritius

World record holder Francis Joyon, the fastest man to sail solo around the world, is to set a new record/reference time on an inaugural route between France and Mauritius. The record will be approved by the WSSRC and join the 20 courses listed as World Oceanic Records.

Following in the footsteps of great explorers who went to open the route to India, Joyon – on board his maxi-trimaran IDEC – will head south into the Atlantic, negotiate the southern tip of Africa, stay far off Cape Agulhas – to avoid shoals and strong currents along the continental shelf – before finally approaching Mauritius, an area that still contains many grey areas in terms of weather.

In inaugurating this new course, Joyon hopes to inspire others – both crewed and solo – to take the record from him.

Record Name: The Mauritian Record, France-Mauritius
Start the standby: 1 October 2009
Starting line: Port Louis (Brittany)
Finish Line: Port Louis (Mauritius)
Number of miles: 9 000 miles

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