Download Virtual Spectator free of charge to follow Fossett's latest Atlantic record attempt

Follow PlayStation’s Transatlantic Record Attempt at

Sailing has never been so fast and furious!

Virtual Spectator brings you Steve Fossett’s PlayStation, sailing one of the legendary routes in sailing, from Ambrose Light, New York to Lizard Point, England.

PlayStation is leaving New York at midday today (EST, Wednesday) to chase Jet Services V’s record of 6 days, 13 hours, 3 hours and 32 seconds – hoping to make the 2926 mile (5417 kilometre) journey to the South of England in under a week.

Simply click through to to register and download the necessary software, FREE of charge. The application should take approximately 20 minutes to download using a 28k modem but once you’ve got the application you don’t need to be online to follow the record attempt. Simply click the “online” button on Virtual Spectator when you’re on the internet to download the latest positioning data then you can replay and watch the action offline.

If you have already downloaded the transatlantic software you will be able to track PlayStation in 2D, but see the boat in full 3D animation you will be need to need to register and download the current upgrade.

This version of Virtual Spectator will also allow you to watch future Transatlantic record attempts that we will be tracking.