Denmark wins Folkboat team racing champs

The International Walcon Cup Folkboat Team Racing Championship was sponsored by Walcon Marine and hosted by the Royal Solent Yacht Club from 22-25 August. The event attracted six teams, two from Denmark including Erik Andreasen (the class builder) and Poul Andersen (the class sailmaker), 1 from Sweden, 1 from the USA (San Francisco) and 2 British teams including current national champion John Stork and Folkboat Week overall winner Nick Burgin.

Three days of sunshine, but light airs and strong tides made for very pleasurable spectating, but rather tricky team racing conditions. With two round robins to complete, windward/leeward courses were set and the first day saw Denmark I achieve their first win which then put pressure on Denmark II who went out and beat Denmark I, much to their dismay, and then went on to beat Great Britain II. However, GB I regained British pride by beating the USA. Then Denmark I beat USA while Denmark II managed a win over GBII, but could not manage to beat Sweden in the last race on Friday.

Saturday saw a postponement, due to lack of wind, but once racing commenced, USA secured a win against Sweden. Then GB I beat GB II but Denmark I was appearing invincible with four wins during the day, giving them the overall win of the event after two days. However, GB I had a great day managing to beat Denmark II, a team which in past events have proved impossible to touch, but which Stork and Webb of GB I managed to team race out on the finish line to a well earned victory against Andreasen and Olesen. GB I also managed to beat Sweden who were also beaten by GB II. Not a good day for the Swedes who decided to make up for it with their singing in the evening.

Sunday’s racing was plagued by light northerly breezes and very strong tides. Sideways and backwards appeared to work better forwards, however, GB II managed two wins, one against the USA and the other, against GB I which ruined their chances of catching up with the Danish teams. GB I had a bad race against Denmark II which really put an end to any hopes of beating the Danes.

With the tide becoming stronger and the wind fading, hopes of getting the second round-robin completed were looking slim and after race 29 was started and none of the boats could make the start line. Rachel Nuding, the race officer, sensibly abandoned the last two races, giving Denmark I the Walcon Cup trophy after only losing one race to Denmark II.

Overall Results

Denmark I – 9 wins

Denmark II – 7 wins

GB I – 5 wins

Sweden – 4 wins

GB II – 3 wins

USA – 3 wins