Global adventurer Adrian Flanagan makes the most of Trade Winds along Chilean coast 6/4/06

Adrian Flanagan, the sailing adventurer who’s making his way slowly, in a westabout direction around the world aboard Barrabas – an 11m stainless steel sloop – is now over five months into his voyage.

Flanagan set sail from Falmouth on 28 October and rounded Cape Horn on 20 February making this one of the slowest Atlantic descents on record. Gear problems however, after a knockdown at the Horn has forced Flanagan to head towards Honolulu to pick up essential supplies for repair.

Still in good spirits though, Flanagan is making the most of the steady Trade Winds propelling him up the Chilean coast towards the Equator. He is also using the time to carry out routine chores and running repairs.

Commenting from the boat, Flanagan said: “During the mornings I busy myself with small tasks such as cleaning out the cupboards, most of which have mildew and accumulated grime, getting through the laundry and maintenance procedures. Last week I fixed a slow leak in the fuel day tank (the tank from which the engine draws) with a two-part epoxy filler. Also the water-maker holding tank was leaking causing a considerable amount of water to find its way to the bilges. Again, two-part epoxy seems to have done the trick.

“In the afternoons, I divide my time between writing (I am working on a couple of projects) and revising my astro-navigation. The skies are so wonderfully clear at night that it is a great opportunity to pull down star sights. My fishing exploits have met with a conspicuous lack of success – I suspect the water is too deep to support surface fish. My physical fitness regime however is yielding better results and I am shedding the weight which I put on during the colder phase in the Southern Ocean.”