A 178nm day's run might not be much for a Jules Verne cat but for this crew it is a record

Firefly diary, day 8

Date: 1.06.03 UTC: 1100 Pstn: N 28.27 W 052.39 Track: 075 Wind: SSE 15kn Wx: Sun, squalls Cloud: 30% Bar:1020 Air temp: 24C Sea temp: 27.8C 24hr run: 178nm Current BS: 8.4kn

Diary, day 8

All’s well here – cracking some records now that the wind has come onto the beam – 9.4kn yesterday! It doesn’t make living aboard too easy though. It looks like we might be losing the wind soon though as we approach the centre of the Azores high. Still we still have 4 day’s diesel untouched if necessary to motor. Looking forward to the coldies in Horta!

Ed note. The forecasting for Firefly’s crossing is being provided by WCS, who send an e-mail 5-day forecast with synoptic chart to their e-mail box at MailaSail, which they access via Iridium. Duncan will be writing this system up in Yachting World once he returns. At the moment they are forecasting decreasing winds backing east.