RS700s at Datchet Water Sailing Club

The wind looked good at Datchet on Saturday 12 June 2004 (F3-4 gusting up to F5), but competitors were thin on the ground. To emphasize that it was the B-Team competing, the first race was dominated by capsizes. Chris Kirk and Dave Aston were jockeying for position for the first half of the race of the race with Steve Marshall following in third, until Chris capsized, Dave staying ahead until the last reach when he fell in a hole and went in to windward. Steve finished first, followed by Chris and Dave.

In the second race, Dave had a terrible first beat. Chris and Stuart Speer disappeared into the distance. Stuart capsized allowing Steve into second place who then closed with Chris, but Chris stayed ahead to the line and Dave fought back to third.

The wind dropped for the third race and this time Tom Offer disappeared into the distance followed by Dave. It was Steve’s turn to have the terrible first beat. The wind strengthened to force 4 by the last lap. Tom capsized 3 times but managed to hold on to first place, Dave in second after an amazing gust, and Steve coming through to third place.

Sunday’s wind was lighter; F0-3 and all over the place. In the first race it was Mark Pollington’s turn to get away at the end of the beat, but with the wind coming from all directions positions changed several times before the final run which saw Mark followed by Tom and Dave ahead of Steve, Steve gybed off and called starboard on Mark at the mark, got ahead and as the others dropped their kites, kept his kite flying up the final reach which had become a run, to finish first, followed by Dave, Tom and Mark.

The second race on Sunday saw even more changing of positions as the wind favoured one person then another. Mark rounded first onto the final reach which is now a beat, followed at a distance by Dave and Tom. Mark sailed into a hole in the wind, which shifted back to a reach. Dave, well up to windward hoisted his kite to reach down to the mark and win the race but lost his wind. Mark found some wind as the others caught up fast, and finally reached the finish first, closely followed by Dave, Tom, Chris and Steve in quick succession.

Needless to say, the third race was abandoned.


1st Steve Marshall

2nd David Aston

3rd Tom Offer

4th Chris Kirk

5th Mark Pollington

6th Stewart Speer