Nearly 200 yachts of the 271 that started on Monday have retired

1200 15 August

Just 45 minutes after ICAP Leopard finished the Rolex Fastnet in record time the second boat, the 90 foot Reichel Pugh Rambler, crossed the finishing line. At present these are the only two boats to have finished although it is highly likely that more than one of the Open 60s will finish within the previous record time.

So far only 24 boats have rounded the Fastnet Rock and a further 47 are still racing. Somewhere close to 200 yachts have retired to ports along the South and South West coasts. As a race of huge contrasts surely the 2007 Rolex Fastnet will go down in the history books as one of the real classics.

Picture shows Rambler and ICAP Leopard and Rambler approaching the Rock
Courtesy of Rolex/Carlo Borlengi