A 60-minute documentary about Ellen MacArthur's record breaking voyage will be shown on BB1 tonight at 2000

At 2000 tonight (Wednesday, 23 February) BBC1 will be broadcasting a documentary about Ellen MacArthur’s solo, non-stop round the world record attempt. The production team from BBC Wales who have produced the previous five documentaries aired on BBC since the finish of the Vendée Globe 2001, have turned round this 60-minute documentary in just over two weeks since MacArthur crossed the line on 7 February at 22:29:17 GMT to set a new world solo speed record of 71 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds.

The documentary includes an in-depth interview with B&Q skipper, Ellen MacArthur, one week after returning to terra firma as she talks about her experiences on the 71-day voyage that are illustrated by the extensive onboard footage filmed by MacArthur and the fixed onboard cameras.

A hi-tech media system installed onboard the 75ft multihull by the technical team at Offshore Challenges, that included 12 onboard Sony cameras positioned at vantage points around B&Q from the top of the mast, the bow, stern and at the navigation station, has resulted in all the drama being recorded as it unfolded onboard. Combined with MacArthur’s pieces to camera this has delivered a powerful collection of images that illustrates the highs and lows of the record attempt.

Steve Robinson, Producer, BBC Wales commented: “Ellen is a consummate film maker – we had over 25 hours of footage filmed by her including 94 pieces to camera explaining every element of the story along the way so it was not really too hard putting it together in a short space off time. What struck me most was the unfairness of the South Atlantic after a gruelling Southern Ocean – she held it together all the way round until then when her world starting to fall apart as her lead slipped away. What impressed us most was how she could sail that boat as fast as she did and still do all that filming, capturing every moment, every piece of action, we are in awe of that.”