In the tricky, light conditions Mike Golding's upwind flyer Ecover has snatched second place from Alex Thomson's AT Racing

The leading boats on Le Defi Atlantique have hit the high pressure zone in the Bay of Biscay. Vincent Riou has taken the lead from Alex Thomson and currently has an 11-mile lead over Mike Golding who managed to sneak through Thomson overnight. The other competitor to watch out for is Sebastein Josse who is just 19 miles from Riou. Nick Moloney is lying in fifth place, 86 miles from the leader.

In the final stages of this race, things couldn’t be more tense with just 19 miles between the top four boats. Competitors need to say focussed as they negotiate the extremely tricky conditions as they head for the La Rochelle finish line. They are currently floundering around in little wind under the High pressure zone which is sitting over the Bay of Biscay.