While djuice dragons slipped in to the lead last night, SEB, Tyco and News Corp have have dropped 20 miles

The three VOR boats SEB, Tyco and News Corp who traversed to the west of Anholt Island and closed to within six miles of the Danish mainland remained there in very little wind for two to three hours. They were forced to break out the anchors to stem a north flowing current and only finally started making tracks in the right direction at about 0130 GMT – a good 20 miles behind the rest of the fleet.

Meanwhile, the leading pack of five has made consistent progress, albeit not at a dashing pace! Djuice has held on to the lead for most of the night, and is now four miles ahead of illbruck, and 29 miles ahead of Tyco at the back of the fleet. The girls in Amer Sport Too are currently sampling the heady delights of fourth place, and must be daring to hope that the wooden spoon will be stirring someone else’s pot for a change!

Position Report, Day 2, 0404 GMT


2 ILBK 55 53.56N 010 57.48E 112 201 11.7 (4 miles from leader)

3 AART 55 55.92N 010 59.68E 115 198 11.4 (7 miles from leader)

4 ATOO (10 miles from leader)

5 AONE (10 miles from leader)

6 TSEB (22 miles from leader)

7 NEWS (26 miles from leader)

8 TYCO (29 miles from leader)