Left or right round the St Helena high?

The team aboard the maxi catamaran, Orange is still ahead of target for breaking the Jules Verne Challenge but they still have a long way to go and have some immediate major decisions to make.

The are currently 1,745.2 miles ahead of current record set by Sport Elec in 1977 but the decision they make on which route to take on their approach to Brazil could be a crucial one.

They have two route options to tackle the St Helena high pressure zone on the approach to Brazil. Do they go left, the shortest route, and risk a decrease in wind or do they head right, the longer route, in hope of picking up more wind? One thing for sure, when they’re through the high, on their way in to the Southern Ocean, lack of wind will not be a problem. Nick Moloney, watch leader is well aware of what’s in store commenting: ‘What lies ahead are hurdles and significant landmarks that we need to negotiate well in order to be successful.’