Perfect conditions greeted competitors at first day of the Dragon Edinburgh Cup at Falmouth

The Dragon Edinburgh Cup kicked off to a perfect start in Falmouth on Tuesday 19 June with the crews’ race being held in the confines of the Carrick Roads in a southerly 15 knot breeze.

As the skies cleared, the sun sparkled on the course laid in one of the premier sailing areas in the country. Most of the races will take place out in the Bay, so it was a chance for the crews to enjoy the challenges of tide and wind between two shores, and many would probably have liked to share a little of the ‘local knowledge’ of the quirks of the Carrick Roads.

Beating towards Black Rock, which guards the entrance of the harbour, the fleet split to create an exciting meeting at the windward mark. With the two fortresses of Pendennis and St Mawes Castles standing guard over the run back towards Penarrow Point it seemed that the helmsmen were in close competition as little distance separated the fleet.

Ultimately, Comanche took the first gun from Chimaera who had fought valiantly for first place. Elusive took the third gun.

Maybe not in the top ten, but Haihangilie in 14th place should surely get the prize for most delighted crew – the beaming helmsman was hugged and congratulated by the other crew members after getting their hoot.

It was a great way to start what promises to be three superb days of racing. The trophy is a prestigious award and Falmouth Waters offer ideal conditions in which to battle it out.