In a close final, Russell Coutts beat James Spithill to win the King Edward VII Gold Cup in Bermuda yesterday

In a presentation ceremony that perfectly captures the traditions of yachting in Bermuda, seven-time Gold Cup winner Russell Coutts not only held a loft The King Edward VII Gold Cup but he was also presented a precious token from the history books at yesterday afternoon’s award presentation.

On hearing that Coutts had surpassed a record held for 45 years by the late A.F. ‘Bert’ Darrell of Bermuda, who had won The King Edward VII Gold Cup six times between 1939 and 1959; his three daughters, Toni Moutray, Jennifer Darrell and Debbie Darrell Mackenzie decided to give a miniature Gold Cup once won by their father to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club to present to Russell Coutts.

This is fantastic to win the Gold Cup but to also receive this family heirloom from the Darrell family is a real honor,” Coutts said. “This is a total surprise and it is special really to be remembered in this way. It is an honour to hold this record here in the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club which I feel very much a part of.” The miniature King Edward VII Gold Cup will be engraved with Coutts’ name on it and will be on permanent display at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Squadron.

“This has been a wonderful event, and particularly great to see the Junior Gold Cup taking place at the same time with all of the young sailors,” Coutts said. “I look forward to racing against them in future years here at the Gold Cup.”

Overall Results

1. Russell Coutts (NZL), 11-3, $30,000 Crew: Jes Gram-Hansen, Christian Kamp, Rasmus Kostner

2. James Spithill (AUS), 10-2, $18,000 Crew: Magnus Augustsson, Charlie McKee, Joe Newton

3. Ed Baird (USA), 8-4, $11,500 Crew: Andy Horton, Piet van Nieuwenhuyzen, Jon Ziskind

4. Scott Dickson (NZL) 4-6, $9,000 (Unseeded Skipper) Crew: Sonny Gibson, Allan Lindsay, Dave Ridley

5. Peter Gilmour (AUS), 7-5, $7,500 Crew: Mike Mottl, Kazuhiko Sofuku, Yasuhiro Yaji

6. Staffan Lindberg (FIN), 4-4, $6,500 Crew: Nils Bjerkas, Martin Krite, Daniel Wallberg

7. Mathieu Richard (FRA), 6-4, $6,000 Crew: Olivier Herledant, Philippe Mourniac, Yannick Simon

8. Klaartje Zuiderbaan (NED), 3-6, $5,500 Crew: Carrie Howe, Nanda Nengerman, Jetske Roodvoets, Tryntje Zuiderbaan