Plans are now well underway for the Corinthian Challenge which is due to set sail in September 2006

Plans are now well underway for the Corinthian Challenge, a world class race organised by the World Cruising Club (a division of Challenge Business) which is due to set sail in September 2006.

Inspired by Sir Chay Blyth’s participation in the 1974 Whitbread the Corinthian Challenge has grown from the need for round the world racing that is accessible to all, regardless of yacht design, sponsorship or depth of pocket. And it is hoped that a truly corinthian event will attract private boat owners and club racers alike.

Although the final stopover ports will not be announced until the end of 2003, the proposed course will comprise seven legs incorporating UK, Canary Islands, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the Caribbean before finishing in the UK.

The event is open to monohulls suitable for racing in the most demanding conditions, yachts will be raced under the ORC Special Regulations for Category O. The Organisers have put in place rating restrictions in order to limit the spread of the fleet between stopovers and enable the race to be completed in a concise nine months. Yachts eligible to enter must have a 2003 IRC TCC Rating of between 1.140 and 1.450 and a minimum overall length of 58 feet or 17.7 metres.

To help control costs for competitors, sensible limitations have been put in place in order to deter high budget campaigns in line with the ethos of the whole event. These include limitations on the maximum number of sails that may be used during the race as well as other measures, to be detailed in the Notice of Race.

All crew must adhere to the ISAF Rules on Professionals; with no more than two crew from ISAF Group 3 and two crew from ISAF Group 2 sailing on board at any one time. This limits the number of professionals permitted to take part in the race and maintains the corinthian spirit.

At least half of the crew on board for each leg must have participated in at least a 500-mile passage aboard the boat they are competing on. The only age restriction is that all competitors must be 18 years old when they reach the start line and each competing yacht must have at least six crew on board at any one time. The organisers will permit crew changes for each leg if desired, however two crew members must remain on board for two consecutive legs. The minimum mandatory training for all crew is prescribed by ISAF Special Regulation 6.01.

The entry fee per yacht is £30,000 with a £1,000 deposit payable on application. There will be a berthing supplement of £3,000 for all yachts over 80 feet or 24.4 metres.

A notice of race and application form can be obtained from the organisers, World Cruising Club. More detailed information on the Corinthian Challenge can be obtained by visiting the World Cruising Club website: