The second Creeks open, hosted by Wilsonian Sailing Club on Sunday 8 July, attracted 20 entries

The second Creeks open, hosted by Wilsonian Sailing Club on Sunday 8 July, attracted 20 entries. The race is sailed on the top of the tide through the creeks of Half Acre, Otterham, Bartlett, South Yantlet, Hoo and Whitewell in the Medway Estuary.

By the start the mainly westerly wind was gusting to 20 knots giving exciting downwind sailing and surfing of the ‘wind against tide’ generated waves. David/Stuart Mason (Laser 4000) got off to a flying start and was first to the windward mark closely followed by Tim Kift/Steve Offer (Osprey) and Martin Jones (Contender).

On the first spinnaker reach the Masons took a short dip allowing Kift/Offer to take over the lead. However, the Masons soon got their act together to regain pole position at buoy 16, the down river mark. The wind gradually eased on the long homeward trek through South Yantlet and Hoo Creeks and this tended to favour the slower handicap boats. The Masons kept off the challenge of Kift/Offer for line honours but had to settle for fourth place as Kift/Offer picked up second spot on corrected time. However, Jones finishing three minutes later, claimed victory and lifted the Philip Holmes Trophy.

Meanwhile, Brian Lamb/Brian Warwick (Wayfarer) and Roy Winnett/Phil Harris (Laser 2000) were having a private battle. Lamb/Warwick edged ahead on the beat to MYC 2 at the entrance to Whitewell Creek and held to the line for third prize on adjusted time with Winnett/Harris taking fifth place. It was neck and neck between Bob Dutton/Peter Good (Wayfarer) and Gordon Belcher (Laser) but Dutton/Good did enough for the sixth prize on handicap. Colin/Lauren Treadwell in spite of finishing five minutes ahead of the other three Miracles could only pick-up ninth place.

Overall Results

1st Martin Jones (Contender 994)

2nd Tim Kift/Steve Offer (Osprey 555)

3rd Brian Lamb/Brian Warwick (Wayfarer 10201)

4th David/Stuart Mason (Laser 4000 4496)

5th Roy Winnett/Phil Harris (Laser 2000 2586)

6th Bob Dutton/Peter Good (Wayfarer 84)