Briton Ross Hobson's catamaran washes up on a beach in the Bahamas two years after capsizing

Two years ago British yachtsman Ross Hobson suffered a dramatic mid-Atlantic wipe out during the Route du Rhum yacht race. After being lifted from the upturned boat during a rescue mission, Hobson had to leave the catamaran to the mercy of the sea. However, two years and 2000 miles later, his yacht – Mollymawk – has washed up on a beach in the Bahamas.

On 8 November 2006 Ross Hobson was leading his class in the Route du Rhum yacht race, before capsizing in horrendous weather, 2000 miles from land. Hobson spent the next eight hours in the upturned hull before the freighter Carmen homed in on Mollymawk’s EPIRB and took Ross onboard.

This week Mollymawk reappeared nestling on Eleuthera Island beach in the Bahamas. “The hull, although superficially in good condition, is unfortunately irreparable”, explained Hobson. “I have asked for a few things to be removed from her before she is broken up and buried and the shifting sands of the Bahamas are likely to claim her very soon.”

Mollymawk has had a great track record, claiming the trans-Atlantic World Record crossing from Bermuda to Plymouth in September 2005.