Dee Caffari is due to finish at approximately 1600 today 18/5/06

Dee Caffari is due to cross the Lizard finish line at approximately 1600 today. Once she crosses the line her shore crew will join the boat and slowly make their way up the Channel while Caffari catches up with some much-needed rest.

The plan is for Caffari to arrive at Ocean Village at 1200 on Sunday 21 May and step ashore for the first time in nearly 180 days. For visitors intending to be present at Caffari’s homecoming, the advice is to arrive at Ocean Village before 1100 in time for her 1200 arrival.

A presentation will take place soon after Caffari arrives followed by a press conference at 1330.

Caffari was due to cross the line earlier in the day but a drop in wind and the state of the sea is currently hampering her progress. Her current position is N 49° 13’/W 6° 12′.

When Dee Caffari crosses the official finish line today aboard Aviva she will set a record as the first woman to have successfully completed a solo, non-stop circumnavigation against prevailing winds and currents, this is subject to ratification by the World Speed Sailing Records Council (WSSRC).

The official finish line for the Aviva Challenge runs between The Lizard, UK and Ushant, France. It is intended that Aviva will cross at the northerly end of the finish line.