Dave Wade leads the Fireball pre-world championship after two day’s racing

British sailor, Dave Wade leads the Fireball pre-world championship after two day’s racing. The event, which is taking place at Davis Island YC in Tampa Bay, Florida, started on Tuesday 12 March and concludes today.

The third race yesterday (Wednesday) got underway after five general recalls in a 15-20 knot breeze. Early leader was Wade, but the lead swapped regularly between the first three boats of Wade, Richard Estaugh and Tim Rush. Places continued to change through the off wind legs of the trapezoid course. Approaching the final leg, Kevin Hope had gained the lead but it was Wade who took first place with Estaugh in second. Hope had to settle for third. However, Wade was deemed OCS, pushing Estaugh in to the winning spot and Hope second.

For the fourth race the wind dropped slightly and the fleet got away without any recalls. The leaders came into the windward mark from the left of the course with Vince Horey the longtime leader. It wasn’t to be his day though as he fell foul of the jury and had to do turns and was finally scored OCS. Pinnell suffered the same fate with the jury leaving Wade to take the the winning spot, followed by Richard Estaugh who was also scored OCS. The final places were Wade first, Rush in second and Pinnell in third.

After lunch the fleet went back out for the final race of the day, race Five. Angus Hemmings led at the first mark followed by Hope and Wade. By the run Hope had pulled through into first and was followed by Wade. At the end of the penultimate beat Wade got the better of Hope and took the lead. Wade held the lead until the end and Rush managed to overtake Hope by the end. Final results were Wade, Rush and Hope.

Going into the final day of the Fireball Pre-Worlds, Wade has a good lead with Cullen, Inns (AUS), Pinnell and Rush chasing hard.