The Borobudur ship expedition should arrive in South Africa within the next fews completing their third leg

The Borobudur ship expedition from Jarkarta to Accra is progressing well with the team preparing to complete their third leg (Madacascar to Cape Town) any day now. The objective of the expedition is to recreate the ancient trading voyages between Indonesia to Africa in the sort of vessel most likely to have been responsible for spreading Indonesian influence and trade to Madagascar and the African mainland.

The latest news from the ship, after 22 days at sea, indicates they’ll be calling in to Richards Bay to pick up a new generator, assess the damage to the sails which happened during one of the recent storms, and re-supply the ship.

After their stop-off in Cape Town, Team Borobudur will commence the start of their final leg on 2 December. They should complete their voyage by 28 December.

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