Britain ties for first after day one of racing at Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney 18/1/07

Youth sailors kicked off The Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF) last night with the traditional Opening Ceremony being held in Sydney.

The sailing got underway today on Sydney Harbour in perfect conditions with a 15-20 knot north easterly breeze and after eight rounds Great Britain and Western Australia are tied for first, both teams winning six races.

Battling close behind and in the fight for third place were New Zealand and New South Wales who tied after winning five races.

Kate MacGregor from GBR chatting about her win commented: “We all cliqued and won lots, so that was useful. The wind was up and down but it seemed to suit us well. We were hoping to do well so we’re really pleased and we’ll try to do as well tomorrow as we did today.”

1. GBR – won 6 out of 8 rounds

2. WA – won 6 out of 8 rounds

3. NZL – won 5 out of 8 rounds

4. NSW – won 5 out of 8 rounds

5. USA – won 4 out of 8 rounds

6. VIC – won 4 out of 8 rounds

7. TAS – won 4 out of 8 rounds

8. QLD – won 3 out of 8 rounds

9. CAN – won 0 out of 8 rounds