Three-mast schooner Atlantic that held transatlantic record for 100 years to be reincarnated 20/11/06

The black three-mast schooner the Atlantic that held the transatlantic record for 100 years is going to be reincarnated.

Under command of the notorious Charlie Barr Atlantic won the transatlantic race for the Kaiser’s Cup from New York to England in the spring of 1905 in 12 days, 4 hours and 1 minute. This record stood for 100 years, until it was broken last year by Mari-Cha IV in the Rolex Transatlantic Challenge. Many attempts had been made before then, but outside official races. Only multihulls managed to clock better times. Eric Tabarly on the radical foiler trimaran Paul Ricard being the first to shave off almost two days in 1980.

Now this fascinating black three-mast schooner is going to be reincarnated. Dutchman Ed Kastelein has commissioned the replica of the giant Atlantic. The new yacht will be the largest racing schooner ever to be re-created and the project is totally unique in that Kastelein will be masterminding the build personally. With his insatiable passion for classics he undoubtedly may be considered a great connoisseur. Not only is he an ‘aficionado’ of fast schooners of the past, he also takes great pleasure in making the Golden Age of Yachting revive.

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