News from JP

Position: 41 32S/27 16E Heading: 130 mag Speed: 11 kts Last 24 hrs: 280 miles

Last night and this morning the wind has come down to 25 kts and I am taking advantage of this short break to get the boat organized. First shake out a reef and look around to make sure that all is in order on deck. Then a quick breakfast made of Syrian bread with New Zealand canned butter and a cup of hot chocolate.

I am trying to find secure spots for everything.

Last night Cray Valley took such a roll that the bucket I kept in the cockpit went flying overboard. I do have another one and will keep it down below.

I am slowly getting into the race but the first few days have been rough; it is like going back to school after a long vacation…

It is not very cold yet, maybe in the sixties (farenheit), but the water temperature is a chilly 40 degrees F. It will get colder and colder as we keep on heading South in the next few days.

I should pass close to Prince Edward Islands, south of Crozet, aiming for the south side of Kerguelen. It will be cold and miserable but it should be fast–beside the fact that it (the miserable conditions) will be the same for everybody.

See you tomorrow JP