Tobago Sail Week kicked off with the Hilton Tobago Race yesterday. Katrina Kelshall reports

The day dawned brightly for the Angostura Tobago Regatta yesterday. After a night of thundershowers and lightning, the fleet were welcomed by perfect racing conditions with winds gusting at 15-20 knots, and the blazing sunshine was dappled by cloud cover.

The 48 competitors are divided into four classes: Racing, Cruiser Racer, Cruising Charter and Comfort Cruising. There were a number of protests, primarily in the racing class. At the briefing Kevin Kenny announced that any protests would not be heard unless the contenders first met at the bar to discuss their differences over a good rum and coke. Nevertheless, as night fell the results for racing class were still not out. Perhaps they are still at bar and haven’t made it to the protest room yet… There is a lot to be said for an icy cold rum and coke with a good twist of liming.