Spanish bank Grupo Santander will join the America's Cup as an official partner

At an announcement ceremony in Valencia, Spain, Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of AC Management welcomed Grupo Santander to join official partners Endesa and Louis Vuitton in supporting the 32nd America’s Cup.

Bonnefous said: “We are very excited that Grupo Santander has come on board for the America’s Cup. Grupo Santander is a dynamic, growing, visionary company and we are proud to be associated with them.”

Grupo Santander is Spain’s leading bank, and the second largest financial institution in the Euro zone. Alfredo Sáenz, Second Vice-Chairman and CEO of Grupo Santander said: “As with the yacht America in 1851, we have found a way to pass our competitors. In our case, instead of navigating by the stars, we have been guided by four values. Dynamism, strength, innovation, and leadership are our corporate values and I think they are also the common values of the America’s Cup.”

Bankers and financiers have a long history in the America’s Cup. George Schuyler and Hamilton Wilkes, were amongst the founding members of the syndicate that built the America, the schooner that won the race around the Isle of Wight in 1851, and for whom this event is named.

Act 1 of the 32nd America’s Cup begins with the Marseille Louis Vuitton Act in September 2004. Acts 2 and 3 will follow in Valencia, Spain in October 2004.

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