Third Cup race to be postponed. TNZ leads Prada 3:0

The America’s Cup continues to be plagued by light winds on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. On Sunday, Race Four became the latest casualty. At 1530, Race Director Harold Bennett hoisted the AP over Alpha flag to abandon racing for the day. Its the third race day to be abandoned due to light wind.

It was again a beautiful day in Auckland, and on the Gulf. But the bright sunny afternoon didn’t generate enough heat to build a sea breeze, and the gradient wind wasn’t strong enough for racing. When the boats left this morning, the wind was calm. There were short puffs of a Southerly wind that moved along the race course from the city, but the velocity only exceeded seven knots for a short time, and the breeze didn’t last.

Race Four is now scheduled to start at 13:15 on Tuesday afternoon. Team New Zealand leads the Prada Challenge 3-0 in the best of nine Americas Cup Match. Despite three race days being lost, the scheduled programme of race days will not change, with racing scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, before reserve days, starting with Sunday 5 March, need to be used.