Lee Todd and Jane Wild won the fast handicap fleet in the fourth race of the LTSC Early Points Series yesterday (24 March, 02)

In the Fast Dinghy Handicap fleet of the fourth race at the Lymington Town Early Points Series this Sunday (24 March), Lee Todd, crewed by Jane Wild in her 29er finished first on corrected time by nine minutes. Bill Smith plugged away at the back of the fleet in his Contender and came through to take second on handicap.

In the Medium handicap Vice Commodore Simon Ward made a guest appearance, sailing an RS Vareo for the first time. He led around the first triangle but when those behind him crossed the finishing line he came back un-necessarily to do so and lost several places. The new leaders, the Wayfarers of Frank Wenman and Roy Todd, decided to sail a second triangle when only a sausage was required handing the lead to Hugh Cairns. Todd fought back, catching Cairns port and starboard at the line to win by seven seconds.


Fast Handicap

1st Forepeeks (29er) Lee Todd and Jane Wild

2nd Free Spirit (Contender) Bill Smith

3rd Tumbler (Laser 4000) Giles and Trudi Lloyd Williams

4th Skiff Toby Collyer, Steve Homewood, Keith Willis

5th Tiger (Int.14) Pete Conway and Ginny Hervey

6th RS 400 (650) Alex Hewitt and John Levell

Medium Handicap

1st Moonraker W 9774 ( Roy Todd)

2nd Cruachan Wayfarer) Hugh Cairns and R.Keighley-Hansen

3rd Whisper (Wayfarer) Frank Wenman and John Freshwater

4th Wild Goose(Wayfarer) John Reynolds and Paul Grasham

5th RS Vareo 190 Tim Blackwell

6th RS Vareo 151, Simon Ward