The yachts were determined to use the strong winds to their full advantage on day three

On Wednesday all yachts had a day’s rest from sailing during which all boats underwent maintenance, including fixing Adela’s one tonne spinnaker which was split on Tuesday and repairing the damaged mainsail.

30 seconds to the start yesterday (Thursday 12 August) Mariette was sailing windward of Adela towards the line with Mariquita and Velacarina a little off the pace. The course was set to the northerly wind direction with a beat towards Gyllngvase Beach area as the first leg. Mariette was set with the Jackyard in place and Mariquita with her working topsail.  

Mariette tacked towards the east coastline looking for an inshore advantage and Adela stayed offshore heading towards the Helford before tacking back to the mark near Gyllyngvase Beach. Mariquita was blocked by Velacarina at the start but after the first tack and cross over Mariquita had taken the third place position and passed the stern of Mariette. Adela had a good lift approaching the Helford and then rounded the mark first ahead of the rest of the fleet. Mariette was second round with Mariquita close behind doing well in the lighter breeze.

Velacarina started to launch her spinnaker on the leg to the Range A mark but the wind started to shift towards the west and gained strength to make it more of a close reach. Mariette and Mariquita stayed very close on this leg of the race with Velacarina just behind and Adela out in front rounding 10 minutes ahead. She would need to increase this lead significantly to win on handicap.

The yachts sailed close hauled towards the Veryan mark passed Dodman Point with the wind increasing above 20mph. Mariette was able to capitalise on the breeze and pulled away from Mariquita and Velacarina. Mariette missed the lay line for the mark and had to put in an additional tack allowing Mariquita to gain ground and for Adela to extend her lead who judged the strong tide well.

The sun came out for the approach to the finish, the line set between the mouth of the Helford and the Manacles. Adela had increased her lead and was over the line just under thirty minutes ahead of Mariette, enough to secure her second victory in the regatta ahead of Mariette, Mariquita and Velacarina.

Pinuccia sailed the course on her own with Tomahawk in the final throws of her mast repair at Pendennis Shipyard.

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