The Velarca 135 is designed to provide motoryacht owners with a greener, less power-hungry alternative

Billed as the ‘next generation’ yacht for eco-conscious cruisers, the Velarca 135 combines a motoryacht-style hull and superstructure with a rather original rig. Finns Sami Lehtonen and Sanna-Kaisa Koivisto are the sailors behind the new Isola Corvus brand, whose concept has been brought to life by Beiderbeck.

Two carbon masts set three hydraulic furling jibs. But the middle one is rigged upside down, with the foot of the sail uppermost. More than anything, it resembles a modern take on the billowing ‘fisherman’ sail deployed by traditional schooners in light winds.

And yet this is anything but a traditional boat. The sails will be in high performance laminate or membrane, their control lines hidden in conduits. The easy-to-handle rig reduces the need for crew on deck, so the eight-strong team can spend more time pampering the guests.

A diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system will be capable of regenerating power under sail, slashing emissions in the process.

The aim is really to provide motoryacht owners with a greener, less power-hungry alternative. And as such, the Velarca has been conceived to bring a new ease to the activity of sailing a yacht, allied to all the creature comforts that superyacht owners expect.

Key features include an attractive oval-shaped spa pool on the aft deck and two fold-down wings close to the quarters for setting out sun loungers.

There are five or six en-suite guest cabins with double and bunk bed options, and a huge social area on the upper deck which includes a bar and a forward observation lounge.

“We wanted to bring a better, more environmentally friendly alternative to the yacht market, in order for us to make sure the next generations get to enjoy the wonders of the seas as well,” says Lehtonen.

Velarca 135 specifications:

LOA: 41.00m 134ft 6in
LWL: 40.80m 133ft 10in
Beam: 9.30m 30ft 6in
Draft: 3.60m-6.50m 11ft 10in-21ft 4in(various options)
Displacement: 210 tonnes

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