With the likes of the XP33, Pogo 30 and Seascape 27 all just launching, this season’s trend looks especially fun for double-handed sailing.

You might have guessed by my recent blog on the J/70 (see here), a runaway success in its first build year after a 39 strong fleet just featured at Key West, I’ve got a penchant for small fast fun boats. And thankfully, I’ve got a feeling that’s what the upcoming season holds in stock – with the launch of some intoxicating new 30 something speed machines that look as fun for crews and double-handers alike.
At the Dusseldorf boatshow last week, I finally got my first viewing of this new XP33, a spicy little weapon that can be crewed with six or seven, but, with a stiff ballast ratio and clever deck layout, holds true double handed appeal.

The tiller has been placed 1m aft of the stock to free up the cockpit and keep the mainsheet and traveler in front of the tiller. Stepped with a John Mast alloy or Hall carbon rig, the XP33 can fly a 93m2 symmetric, or, what will undoubtedly be by far the most popular option, a 110m2 A sail from her 2m extending carbon sprit.
There is an option for a Vee berth below (or open sail storage), plus, on top of sleepable saloon berths, there are two double berths aft… a veritable Corinthian caravan!
Launched with a light displacement of 4,100kg, with 1,700kg of that in the 1.9m keel, the XP33 has a vinylester built hull (not epoxy like the other XPs) but still benefits from carbon stiffening for the keel frame. The price is a palatable €107k ex VAT (so €150k with sails and VAT). The bad news for those tempted? 27 had been sold pre-Dusseldorf, so the pre-summer slots have surely been taken by now!
[The video from the trial sails in November is below].

But if you thought those stats and figures were appealing, you might want to also take a look at the Pogo 30, which although not designed to reap the IRC silverware, will invigorate those looking for a small sporty flier. Pogo Structures, the reputable builders of mini-transat and Class 40 offshore race boats, have already sold 23 of these on spec! The first is due to launch in early March, from when there will be scraps for trial sails into the summer.

The Finot Conq design looks like she condenses the knowledge of her racing pedigree, with the fun of Pogo’s recent fast cruising siblings the 12.50 and Pogo 50. She’ll be offered with fixed (full-fibre fin with lead ballast) keel or lifting keel, and a carbon mast upgrade is offered for just €8,800 extra. Offshore planing fun for €83k ex VAT….
And the merits of the Seascape 27? Too many to mention in this posting.
But for those that haven’t come across the high-speed cruising Pogos but fancy a go, I’ve just received news that a company in Greece is chartering out a 10.50 and 12.50 – now that sounds like an appealing holiday (see Fast Sailing web)

Take a look at X’s promo video (the pity is that it’s all in slo-mo)